I haven’t watched that movie yet. The poster inspired me. I liked it because there were two colors. I made up the story myself. I want this woman to be invincible.

I prepared this short film on the occasion of Children’s Day.
I wish you to be curious about the world, discover something every day that will make you love life, and relive the next days with a smile on your face. That your inner child will always remain good, helpful, and open to other people.

It was a great experience for me to go to the United Arab Emirates. The desert is absolutely magical. I prepared VV’s story about Arab in the desert.

Here is my VV work from the Sign Language Art workshop at Riksteatern Crea in Sweden!

We had a great experience at the VV workshop Level 2, taught by Erwan. We have gained a lot of knowledge and new technical skills with VV. We had a lot of humor and energy for 5 days in Paris. Last day in the evening we performed a duet in the theatre. For us, it was really a new, good experience as a duo performance. Thanks to Erwan @erwan.vv for teaching VV, and thanks to Melanie @melaniedepuiset for offering the theatre stage (Theatre Thenardier).

Nowadays, it is impossible to live without a mobile phone. October 10 is world mental health day, so it’s worth taking care of your mental health.
Apparently, being out of touch with others is bad, bad for your mental health.
I specially uploaded the rear sounds of driven cars and the subway.

Thailand turned out to be a multicolored land of diversity. Bustling cities with Bangkok at the forefront. Beautiful beaches surrounded by palm trees in secret bays. Exotic landscapes. Equally very interesting culture. Impressive ancient monuments. Delicious street food. Especially the tropical climate compared to winter in Poland! I had an amazing experience and really beautiful views.
On this occasion, I prepared a story „The Mermaid and the Sweet Fish” in VV.
Because today is Valentine’s Day, – the day of lovers, I wish you love and warmth that give meaning to life.

I am doing the latest VV improvisation about the culture of Scotland which are obviously the castle, lake, mountain, and the Scottish bag-piper but I have included the Loch Ness Monster in this story. Normally I prepare the VV story and check with myself to ensure all going well before publication but this time I gave this a go with VV improvisation. As I had been so busy organising the theatre shows, filming, and attending the conference recently, I didn’t have much time to prepare my VV which I could create, amend after checking practice, and then I do the story. This time with this VV story I am surprised to see how well I do so I hope you enjoy watching.